Anton Corbijn photo MAXIM
Question: What is a fundamental difference between Dave Gahan and Bono in photographing?
Anton Corbijn: There’s a big difference! Bono is an adventurer who loves to experiment and to risk with his appearance. Dave is a conservative. He wants always look like a rock icon because he prefers static shots. I can do everything with Bono: easily shave clean him a punk forelock like De Niro’s one in “Taxi driver” movie; put him on a sombrero or stick a Mexican moustache. A situation in video clips is the reverse: Dave is just more eccentric here – let’s remember “Enjoy The Silence”, “It’s No Good”. Bono will never do anything like that in videos
Question: Your favorite videos.
Anton Corbijn: “Enjoy The Silence” – I love this one for its significance for Depeche Mode’s imagery...
This summer will be released a DVD with a selected collection of Anton Corbijn’s favorite videos.
(Translated from Russian, “MAXIM fashion” magazine, Russian edition 2005)

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