Blind Horizon Michael Haussman

A song HOLD ON from the successful Dave Gahan's debut album Paper Monsters 2003 is included on a sound track in the brand new movie Blind Horizon( release date: 2004)!.Dave's songs from his solo album are actually visual, atmospheric. As he said in his interviews first he comes to a visual place when working on musical stuff. And movie director Michael Haussman [Blind Horizon] did hear it!


Haussman[Mickael], who garnered attention with his spots for Levi's, Dockers and Phillips as well as music videos such as Madonna's "Take a Bow," previously directed "Rhinoceros Hunting in Budapest "featuring Nick Cave. His 1986 U. of Colorado student doc, "Shadow Sign," received a student Oscar nom.

Dave Gahan's Hold On in final_scene

In the final scene of the movie Blind Horizon Dave's HOLD ON creates such a lyrical and uplifting atmosphere. This is the assuredly great choice of a movie director to give us a Hope!

              Hold on   You opened my eyes today
      Hold on   Another surprise
                                                                                 (Dave Gahan "Hold On")

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