Dave Gahan
DAVE GAHAN's "7 Days":
Everyday life of New York top guy

Question: What is a typical day of a New Yorker Dave Gahan?

Dave Gahan: I get up often earlier than 7 am as clerks. I love to wake up in the same time as kids: we sit down to breakfast together. Then I take them to school. Then I go to a studio where I work on music, develop new musical ideas. Evening I spent together with my family. I love my daily routine. Often we frequent stadium to root for NY baseball teem or go out to the cinema. I love to watch any kind of movies: Hollywood 's, European; comedies, blockbusters, thrillers even if I see that movie is bad. Never in my life had I left a cinema without watching a movie till the end.

Q: Do your kids listen to Depeche Mode?

DG: My older son Jack he's 18 - uses to listen to DM. It seems to me that he likes some of that stuff. He's living in London in his private apartments. My second son Jimmy - he's 13 actually not. He's a big fan of a play station. He always plays games. And my little daughter Stella Rose she's 6 - never. Her biggest love is a ballet and Barbie. She collects all the doll's stuff: houses, clothes etc.
Dave's writing: To 7 days thank you good luck

Translated from Russian,© Modelena 2005

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