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Depeche Mode

NEWS 2008

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Merry Christmas to all !!!
from St-Petersburg, 2008 (remembering Playing The Angel:))


Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan, New York,

In vogue
Today, this Autumn, to walk with an orange fruit …comes into fashion! Click on this image to enlarge.
The DM guys were shot in Flushing Meadows Park New York during a photoshoot. (This picture was posted on Flickr by Mispahn )


photo by Anton Corbijn, sourse

Sensational! The breaking news!
"Four Perspectives by Anton Corbijn"

Anton Corbijn comes back to Russia to present his masterpieces in St-Petersburg (Manezh Convention Hall, Feb 20th - March 14th, 2008) and now also in Moscow (Museum of Modern Art March 25th – May 4th)
Don’t miss that!

More HERE >>>
More details :


NEWS 2007


HOURGLASS logo Dave Gahan's solo album

HOURGLASS is a title of the second DAVE GAHAN's solo album! (Late October to be released!)
"I'm still that teenager who's desperately trying to grow up, but in total fear of it really happening," Dave Gahan says (the main theme of Dave's psychological researches)… HOURGLASS is more electronic-sounding than Paper Monsters, "but we were very aware of the importance of keeping urgency in the sound and a feeling of spontaneity. We didn't want to get bogged down in trying to make everything sound perfect. You want to keep the rough edges," he adds...
All the songs wrote by Dave in collaboration with Christian Eigner (drums) and Andrew Phillpott (guitars). A producer is Tony Hoffer (his web site)
The album's tracks include "Saw Something," "Use You," "Endless," "21 Days," "A Little Lie," "Deeper and Deeper," "Love Will Leave," "Down," "Miracles," "Tomorrow" and "Kingdom." (from dmcom)


David Gahan at MusiCares 2007 in Los Angeles

Dave Gahan really enjoyed performing live with all his friends and great musicians - Victor Indrizzo, Martyn LeNoble, John Frusciante, Josh Klinghoffer and Vincent Jones at the Third Annual MusiCares MAP Fund(SM) Benefit Concert. They played only two songs: ”Policy Of Truth” and “Personal Jesus” – both classical DM songs. But they definitely ROCKED LA on May 11th!

see pictures from this event >>>


Depeche Mode, St-Petersburg, BOF
9th May is a very special day – it’s a Victory Day over nazism!
This is for many years it’s a double high day! All the Russian DM fans celebrate Dave Gahan’s Birthday!
On the left photo (click to enlarge): BOF team with DM fans in the main St-Petersburg’s square Dvortzovaya on May 9th 2006.
On the photo below:
DM fans are preparing to celebrate Dave’s Birthday this year.
A light box in St-Petersburg’s underground today.
Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan


MusiCares logo 2007

David Gahan with Victor Indrizzo , Vincent Jones and Martyn LeNoble (musicians who collaborated with Dave on his solo PM album more about them here >>>) will perform at the Third Annual MusiCares MAP Fund(SM) Benefit Concert on May 11 in LA to Honor Chris Cornell and Jeff McClusky!
All proceeds at this event will benefit the MusiCares MAP Fund, which provides members of the music community access to addiction recovery treatment regardless of their financial situation. The benefit is sponsored in part by Gibson Foundation. Read more about here>>>


SKK, St-Petersburg,Russia

One year ago, on the 3rd Mach 2006, Depeche Mode performed their astonishing show in SKK, St-Petersburg,Russia >>>


Blue Leach, Depeche Mode Touring The Angel stage designer
XL Video has won its 4th Total Production International Award (TPi) for ‘Favourite Video Services Company’ of the Year 2007 (on 5th February London). TPi Awards recognizes the industry’s most innovative and ambitious technical, creative and production achievements…
Video wise, XL has worked with some of the most aesthetically daring artists throughout in 2006, including Robbie Williams’ “Close Encounters”, Depeche Mode’s “Touring The Angel”, George Michael’s “Live 25” and Kylie’s “Showgirl Homecoming” tour.
Blue Leach who regularly works with XL Video, won the ‘Video Director of the Year’ Award. His work last year included the phenomenal Depeche Mode “Touring The Angel”.


Dave Gahan, Victor Indrizzo, Paper Monster Tour
Victor Indrizzo who was a Musical Director for The Paper Monster Tour of Dave Gahan and performed shows together with other great musicians of Dave’s PM band: Knox Chandler, Martyn LeNoble and Vince Jonce gave an exclusive interview to Home
(DM website) team!

You can read it here


Depeche Mode was most-downloaded artist of the year 2006 according to 7digital's (provider of digital downloads for websites) own download chart for 2006.


“Control” directed by Anton Corbijn
Martin L. Gore is partly help financing the new film “Control” directed by Anton Corbijn.( Mojo magazine February 2007) The movie is a the story of the late Joy Division singer Ian Curtis’s life and based on Deborah Curtis’ “Touching from a Distance”. Read more >>>


Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode are the BEST on the total annual radio Maximum chart Top 100!
APTIUT is #1 – was 18 weeks # 1 in a row and already 48 weeks is on Top 20
Precious is #2 – was 32 weeks # 1 in a row and was charted 53 weeks on Top 20.


Indeed, 2006 was the great year! I wish you a Merry X-mas and Happy New Year!


Depeche Mode Suffer Well making of
Depeche Mode's "Suffer Well" has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Dance Recording category.
The 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be held on "GRAMMY Sunday," Feb. 11, at Staples Center in Los Angeles and once again will be broadcast live in high-definition TV and 5.1 surround sound on CBS from 8 – 11:30 p.m. (ET/PT). (December 07,2006.Home)


Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode accepts the best group award at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2006

Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode accepts the best group award at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2006, Nov. 2 (Copenhagen,Denmark)
to view video snippet click >>>


Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode

#1 on Russian radio Maximum (three weeks in a row)
#1 On Russian radio ROKS
Great three:
1. Depeche Mode: "Martyr"
2. Tom Petty: "Saving Grace"
3. The Rolling Stones: "Rain Fall Down"

(Updated 27 Oct.2006)


Jeremy Deller with Russian DM fans in St-Petersburg May 9th 2006

Jeremy Deller, a director of a documentary about Depeche Mode fans, said in his interview to “The Observer” (Sunday October 15, 2006)
“I don't think there's another lead singer in the world who has the kind of following that Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode enjoys in Russia . It's like a benevolent cult. For the last six months, my colleague Nick Abrahams and I have been making a film about Depeche fans, and we've travelled from Europe to North America to Mexico , but the Russians were the most passionate.”… read more >>>


Depeche Mode rules again on Russian radio Maximum! A new Single “Martyr” entered a weekly TOP 20 chart straight at # 1! At the same time already three DM songs are presented on this chart: “Precious” (32 weeks #1 in a row) and APTIUT (28 weeks #1 in a row) “Suffer Well” keeps on being charted on Russian classical rock music radio ROKS “Top 10”(October 13,2006)
P.S. As was known a video for the new Single “Martyr” made by Andreas Nilsson has been rejected.


A Silent Shout video screenshot

A video for the brand new song "Martyr" will be directing by Andreas Nilsson. He's most known by his collaboration with The Knife doing videos and live projections.
It was through the singer Dave Gahan whom seen and liked Andreas video for The Knifes "Silent Shout" that he came in contact with the band.
The video "Silent Shout" by Andreas Nilsson is a dark and suggestive story, inspired by Oscar Fischinger and Charles Burns' "Black Hole". You can watch a video on


My other hand made t-short I dedicated to release of a double A-sides single “John The Revelator”. And it was inspirited by a song “Lilian”.
See more >>>


Modelena wearing SW t-short
“Suffer Well”is # 1 back again on Russian classical rock music radio ROKS “Top 10”!
(updated 9th July 2006)
click on image to enlarge


PTA became platinum! One million copies of the album are sold around the world!
DM platinum award presentation took place in Germany on June 5th 2006 after the Rock am Ring DM concert was finished (at about 1:30 am PDT). Daniel Miller and J. Kessler were also present at the DM platinum award presentation
.more >>>


'Touring The Angel' Tour concert worn jacket
David Gahan will be donating the proceeds of the auction to one of his selected charities.Worn 'on stage' and autographed by David Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode from their2005/ 2006 'Touring The Angel' Tour
The jacket was also worn by David during filming the "Suffer Well" video."Touring The Angel' Tour concert worn jacket is a size 'euro 48' and is made by J. Lindberg
David Gahan personally autographed this Concert Worn jacket on the inner left inside area.
This auction includes alsoa rare photo of the band. Photography design by Anton Corbijn
A Depeche Mode glossy publicity picture that is autographed by Depeche Mode
see more >>>
(from ebay)


“Suffer Well”is # 1 again on Russian classical rock music radio ROKS “Top 10” . Radio dj announcing vote results was really shocked. The numeral superiority of a song at number #1 (for the first time in a history of ROKS chart) was too big – 60 votes! The three of chart leaders are:
1. Depeche Mode: Suffer Well
2. David Gilmour: This Heaven
3. Placebo: Song To Say Goodbye
APTIUT stays still on the top of radio Maximum TOP 20 already for 14 weeks in a row.
“Precious” - at number #4.
May 22, 2006

Making of ... by Brown Owl Films


St-Petersburg, Russia, celebrates
Dave Gahan's Birth Day on May 9th


People's choice:
#1 – Depeche Mode APTIUT
#6 - Depeche Mode Precious
(Radio "Maximum" Top 20, March 31)
Also there are bands in the Top 20 Anton Corbijn worked with:
The Killers, Coldplay, Brainstorm.
Btw Anton worked up an idea for a cover design for new Brainstorm album. They dedicated Anton a song “Digitally Bright”


Rotterdam, Mar 26th, 2006
Anton Corbijn as a compere introduced Depeche Mode: “Hi Ahoy, I'm proud…”(read more >>>)
And then he was shooting the band during the show again.(see more >>>)


Russian fans voted for Depeche Mode and elected APTIUT to the #1 of TOP 20 on radio “Maximum” again! (March,24th,2006)
see more >>>


Another one goal kicked by DM: APTIUT is #1 again on Radio Maximum
And the song also was included in FIFA 2006 soundtrack.



Dave Gahan St-Petersburg, Russia 0303 2006

March, 10th, 2006
Radio "Maximum" top 5

1.DEPECHE MODE - A Pain That I'm Used To
3.PLACEBO - Song To Say Goodbye
4.OASIS - The Importance Of Being Idle
5.DEPECHE MODE - Precious


Dave Gahan live in Wien
Both Anton Corbijn's favourites:DM and Coldplay come in stepon the top of radio ”Maximum” Top 20
more detailes about video "Talk" >>>


Depeche Mode
23 weeks in a row on radio ”Maximum” Top 20
And APTIUT is #1 again!
(10th February 2006)
see on-line vote results on radio Maximum >>>


Dave Gahan in Anton Corbijn’s video “Suffer Well” 2006

“Pleasure little treasure”
Anton Corbijn in his short masterpiece ("Suffer Well" video) tells us that breaking ten tables is the road to hell. And the most precious treasure in the world is to be with loved.


Anton Corbijn Depeche Mode Dusseldorf

A mind-blowing interactive video mix invented by Anton Corbijn showed up in all its power during the European leg of TTA world tour 2006 >>>
And it was already rehearsed last September in Amsterdam where Anton's debut as a VJ took place


Depeche Mode

Musicians come and go but DM remains.
22 weeks in a row on the top on radio ”Maximum” Top 20.
And this week APTIUT is #1 again and “Precious” is #2!
And again this week APTIUT charted at #2 on classical
rock music radio “ROKS” Top 10 just giving place to Deep Purple( #1)!
see more exclusive >>>


Suffer Well cover by Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn's artwork for the forthcoming third single “Suffer Well” penned by Dave Gahan (Dave's debut for DM).
see more >>>


Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode dethroned… Depeche Mode!
APTIUT charted at # 1 on radio ”Maximum” Top 20 this week instead of “Precious” which is #3! DM are the only one holding their highest position on the Top for 21
weeks in a row!

January 27th, 2006


 Anton Corbijn Dusseldorf
Good shot Anton Corbijn
Dusseldorf 21.01.2006 >>>


Depeche Mode

APTIUT came right at #2 on radio ”Maximum” Top 20! And number 1 is “Precious” already for 20 weeks in a row!
This week “Precious” charted at #1 on classical rock music radio “ROKS” Top 10 back again!

20th January 2006

photo by Sven Meissner

Four hands massage

Thursday, 19th January, 2006. Berlin , "Hyatt" Hotel. In Dave'sluxury suite two women are waiting for Dave Gahan…
read more >>>


The main street >>>

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