Nothing's Impossible!
First of all I'd love to remember you all that Dave brilliantly plays blues harmonica! And he demonstrated his skills during his solo Paper Monsters world tour in 2003! But it's a very useless discussion of such moot point like who must to learn and what have to. We, people, haven't got any rights to decide it. Every human has his own way, his own karma. And why we've got to enjoy this unique performer, it's cause Dave is what he is! He was given that powerful voice by Nature. And he knows what to do with that gift: he works on developing it doing vocal exercises every day But at the same time he's very modest saying :I think that is still a work in progress, I really do [laughs]. I don't like the sound of my own voice (Rolling Stone 2005 interview.) And if some could went through all the stuff Dave went, I really doubt that they'd be able to be in such excellent physical state like he is in his 43 years old! You might be know that Dave in his childhood didn't planned to be a musician at all. He became a singer accidentally ( for more details Blender, Dec 2005 ) And maybe if he would such a pedantic disciple who learnt play piano in his youth we'd never have such a band like Depeche Mode. But Dave is very natural in his behavior. He did a lot of mistakes (who doesn't do them?!). And he keeps on learning in what he can do the best singing! There always is a price to be paid for it. In his 23 he was in already famous band and their lives really differ from life of every other people. Dave did his sacrifice and that sacrifice was his own personal life. He has got so huge experience in his life. And just this fact gives us the chance to listen to such a charismatic, hypnotizing, such a many-sided voice in every new song. Dave is a real SHAMAN! He's honest in what he's doing in his life: he keeps on learning, working on himself. I know a huge amount of accomplished musicians, who graduated a lot of academies, but they are vain, they have no any fresh ideas! I'd love to ask where this genius musician Alan Wilder evanesced. He's definitely not the Depeche Mode. As for me, I really appreciate Alan cause it was just he who created that famous DM sound we love in 1990 th . (I've got a lot of CDs in my collection and I played piano in my youth. So I know what I'm talking about). Almost all the root bluesmen are absolutely musically ignorant but they are genius! I love their energy, their honesty! I prefer songs to be raw than perfect. Perfect things are already dead ones! Shortly about Dave's lyrics. Dave talk simple words but philosophical things: I found treasure not where I thought /Peace of mind can't be bought /Still I believe(Suffer Well) He doesn't pretend to be a great poet. In almost all recent interviews he always makes mention of one of his favorite Nike Cave 's songs Hiding All Away," from the new Nick Cave album (Abattoir Blues): The line "I was hidden, dear, hiding all away" particularly rings in my ears. I think he's an absolute genius, a poet. (Blender, Dec 2005) . And shortly about lyrics in general. A word spoken is a LIE. All the words invented by people during centuries are wrong: they just very very approximately are able to describe true human feelings, emotions, and the Unconscious. And the talent of an artist, a songwriter, a painter etc. is, being utterly honest, to use his own unique combination of words, colours or expressive gesture to express their truly feelings they address to you. The more they have approximated to the Truth the more them talented! No matter what means they use! Martin Gore knows about it «Words are meaningless So let Dave express himself the way he choose to be more fits for him; sing or write songs or frenetic dance on the stage. But every time watching him performing I absolutely know: I BELIEVE HIM!
Dave Gahan photo by Olaf Heine
To play or not to play?

Last December a fan on an international DM forum opened a topic about the truth of Dave's songwriting. This fan accused Dave that he's relying on other musicians while songwriting and was in perplexity why shouldn't Dave learn to play any musical instruments?

And here is my answer

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