Daniel Miller and DM in Berlin 1997.  Gold disk of ULTRA delivery.
Daniel Miller, 2004
Daniel Miller and DM in Berlin 1997. Gold disk of ULTRA delivery.
Enjoy the MUTE
Enjoy the MUTE
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We'd know him as a famous film director. His short comedy won a National Film Festival award in those far 1970s. But should we know the genius band DM in that case?!First he held in his arms a guitar, then a movie camera; then stood behind a dj's desk, then behind a synthesizer. And now he is a chief of the giant label we all know very well MUTE.Under the name The Normal Miller released his own most minimalistic electronic compositions Warm Leatherette (1978) on his own Mute label in his northwest London apartment. This one was inspired by J.D.Ballard's novel CrashThe Fad Gadget single was the second Mute release. The same FG on which future DM first were an opening act (in 2001 vice versa FG was an opening during The Exciter Tour). And there was that fatal encounter with DM. Since that moment began their strong friendship and successful collaboration. D. Miller always gave them free rein to create,,,And that time when Dave showed Daniel his demos Miller was the man from the label who really supported Dave in his intention to release his solo. And by the way Daniel's favorite Hold On was considering being the pilot singleSo Hold On and Enjoy the MUTE

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