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A shadow of His smile.  

I hardly stepped inside into this CD store when I was dumbfounded! I saw on the big color photograph pinned up on the wall was no one else but Dave in person! Oh my God! Nevertheless he was here! (I was before mistakenly told he wasn't)

The time stood still and even more turned its flow back! The entire world around me seemed to disappear I came closer. I was staring at the picture for a long long time. This photograph was hypnotizing me. I was losing myself immersing in this atmosphere more and more. So I find myself in that unforgettable day again the June 17 th 2003 when it's only a height of a day and the mind-blowing show (as Knox Chandler in Tour Diary said) will be played only at night. And before this awesome performance will take place I'll get the unique chance to ask Dave a couple of my innermost questions (about his paintings and harmonica) during the press conference.

Dave made his wish true! The wish he wrote on his left hand. Actually he was really interested in movies on DVD available in our CD stores. One of sellers the one who was that lucky guy serving such a famous customer said that Dave was purchasing a lot of Russian movies on DVD and of course a lot of animated cartoons! And it's so clear why! How touchingly he always talks about his daughter Stella Rose! He really understands a childhood world as a whole. Dave showed it clearly one more time during the press conference answering one of questions: She [Stella Rose] inspires me a lot. When you are a small child everything is possible. And, I think, that's good to remember.

I wasn't able to move myself from this place for a long time. I'd stand here more and more. Cause his smile and this kindness in his eyes he emanates on us will welcome every visitor of this CD shop. And you want to come back again and again just to see this open honest look of his eyes. And then slowing your steps and holding your breath store a bit of his shine and his energy before you go out of doors.

See you next time, Dave!

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