The video footage was shot in the hotel room, Moscow, Russia, June 19, 2003
(aired: June 20th 2003)

Question (Q): How do you manage to keep yourself in such a good shape?
Dave Gahan (DG): I'm performing. I run a lot. I love to run. But not now.
I run when I'm home in NY. Now I run on the stage. And I do some Yoga. I love doing it.
Q: Tell us about you future plans.
DG: Just forward! I don't know what's gonna happen. Now I'm touring with
PM .. till the end of the year.. And maybe we'll go to Australia in the
beginning of the next year and than home. I want to write songs. We've
already written a new song with my band.
Q: Once you said you'll never quit DM. What was happened?
DG:..People changes.
Q: And the last Q. You drummer, Victor.
DG: Victor! He's very good!!! He's been a friend of mine for a long long
Q: You know he was saying one Russian word during all the show (Then VJ explained
that word "zaebiss" from Russian means "it's fucking good!")

DG: (laughing wave his hands.) I guess who was a teacher. Some one , here.
You know what because it's really, this place is very good!
Q: Can you say this word?
DG: Which one word he (Victor) said?
Q: "zaebiss". Can you say it in camera?
DG:( saying in camera): "zaebiss" MTV... and Dave Gahan! "Dirty Sticky Floors"!

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