Dave Gahan and Tin Man
Depeche Mode video  Suffer Well
Depeche Mode video  Suffer Well

In the early 90 Dave living in a little apartment in Santa Monica had a Tin Man. . The Tin Man used to speak to me,- says Dave (from Blender mag. interv.)In his debut solo Dave mention again: Tinman says I'm doing fine(Dirty Sticky Floors).

And today a video about "Tin Man" in love was shot on re-recorded by Depeche Mode song "Suffer Well ", penned by Dave Gahan, in Simlish for the new game The Sims 2 Open for Business.

David Gahan said, "Depeche Mode has always been open to new ways of sharing our music, but re-recording a Simlish - language version of 'Suffer Well' just sounded completely bizarre. Of course, that's why we couldn't resist doing it."

This is already second Dave’s song included in media. The first one “Hold On”, very soulful song from solo album “Paper Monsters”, we can hear during final titles in “Blind Horizon” movie.

And as it became known the third song written by Dave “I Want It All” will be included in the most popular American detective TV serial “CSI”, part 126.

Dave Gahan

Suffer Well

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