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Paper Monsters

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The press conference with David Gahan in St-Petersburg, Russia,
the 17th June, 2003
(Organized by ďPMIĒ Corporation)

The press conference with David Gahan in St-Petersburg 2003


- Question: (me asking David)
Thank you for coming here, David!
In the record studio in NY we can see the huge painting on the wall, is it painted by you?

- Dave Gahan (DG): You are welcome!
Iím responsible for all paintings in the Electric Lady Land (record studio) in NY. You know I paint on walls ÖI paint a lotÖ
- Q: How you celebrated a release of ďPaper MonstersĒ? Have you drank, have you received any gifts etc.?
- DG: No! I donít drink a long. You know it wasnít kind of celebration. I really enjoyed playing with the band: Knox, Martyn, Victor, Vince. Are the great band. Weíve been a long playing the songs together. You know I have a really great time; Iím really enjoying playing, performing, and playing with some new bands. And Iím very excited about the response of the album. Itís been very very good.
- Q: And what about gifts?
- DG: No. There wasnít. Iíd willingly receive someÖ (Laughs)
- Q: Are there some rituals you do before going on stage. And do you sing lullabies to your daughter?
- DG: Yeah. Itís kinda turn like that. Itís the song on the album called ďStayĒ. Itís a song about falling in love, not just adoring somebody else but feeling the love from somebody elseÖI got it from my daughter. She inspires me a lot. When you are a small child everything is possible. And, I think, thatís good to remember.
Do I sing lullabies now? Yeah, sure.
(about rituals) Yes, I spend some time to myself. I spend about an hour doing different rituals, Iíve involved different things. Anything; I do vocal exercisesÖ Just kinda I get quiet. I listen to my heartÖ.
- Q: Hello, Dave! Thank you for coming back!
- DG: Youíre welcome. You know Iím really enjoying to concert here. We played lot festivals on this tour so far. Playing to different audiences and not necessary fans watching willing different peopleÖ Itís exciting. Itís nice to be here, Thank you.
- Q: What instruments have you played on the ďPaper MonstersĒ?
- DG: I played Fender Rhodes, harmonica, glockenspiel. Thatís all.
(my comment: I explained what the instrument ďglockenspielĒ is and said personally to David how much I love His playing bluesy harmonica. He replied on my emotional comment with words: ďAre you like harmonica?Ē He was really glad to hear me saying that I love it very very much)
- Q: There was some information in Russian press about plans to make any records together with Bjork or PJ Harvey. Why it didnít succeed? Your new band Ė how it has begun?
- DG: Actually it was the question that asked me by journalists. They asked me if there was a girl, vocalist whom I would sing with that I like. And I said that I like the voice of PJ Harvey, and also the voice of Bjork. I like both Ė I like the voices. There were no plans to do anything. The journalists were asked me who am voices I like.
- Q: What was the most inspiring when you worked on this album? (was quoted a part of review from Russian press that David found the most truly way to express His emotions working on His first solo album).
- DG: So much. I think mostly go the willing to except changes. The change happens the way do you willing or not. You canít stop it. And the more you try to fight against, resist against things - the harder it becomes. And it is really embracing Ė the idea toÖ doing something different, working with different people taking the opportunity that was presented to me. And not presented to me by anybody else but presented to me by life. And in a last few years a lot has changed about my life personally.
- Q: About the title of your album. Releasing the album have you got rid of your ďpaper monstersĒ?
- DG: Can I get rid of them? Some day, sometimesÖ I think, you know, yeah! Sometimes in life
I get really fearful about things. Especially the things I donít understand. But what Iíve learnt is even if you are scared the most important thing is to do it anyway. To do what youíre scared. It is the any way to grow.
- Q: Was it hard to try making a solo project? Was it interesting for you and are there any plans to do something like that in the future?
- DG: Well, at the moment Iím really enjoying what Iím doing. And it wasnít really decision to be alone, work so long. You know I worked with another people. And it was the big difference with this. Everybody that was working on this project, we all exchange ideas, we respect each otherís ideas.
And I wanna continue to do that in the future. I want to work with people that really really want to make music. And I want to do something different.
- Q: What about going on an excursions across the city? You know that St-Petersburg holds itís 300 jubilee.
- DG: Thatís right! Congratulations!
Not really, not so much. We arrived yesterday morning from Finland. And yesterday I spent the most of the day just resting.
- Q: Your vocal manner always reminds me the David Sylvianís one. What do you think about it?
- DG: I know some of his works. I know his voiceÖ I donít really know what to sayÖ
We are both called ďDavidĒ (laughs) Iíve heard some. I like it. Thatís all.
- Q: How you keep yourself in such a good shape? Do you practice some sports?
- DG: I do lot to keep in performing. I do some Yoga. And when Iím not on tour I run a lot. I like to run. And you know itís reallyÖ when youíre working with people that you enjoy the company even if you have to work really hard emotionally if you enjoy it. What Iím doing - Iím really enjoying. You know Iím really grateful for this opportunity. And I much feel good. If you feel good inside it goes on the outside.

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