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NEWS 2007

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HOURGLASS is a title of the second DAVE GAHAN's solo album! (Late October to be released!)
"I'm still that teenager who's desperately trying to grow up, but in total fear of it really happening," Dave Gahan says (the main theme of Dave's psychological researches) HOURGLASS is more electronic-sounding than Paper Monsters, "but we were very aware of the importance of keeping urgency in the sound and a feeling of spontaneity. We didn't want to get bogged down in trying to make everything sound perfect. You want to keep the rough edges," he adds...
All the songs wrote and produced by Dave in collaboration with Christian Eigner (drums) and Andrew Phillpott (guitars)
The album's tracks include "Saw Something," "Use You," "Endless," "21 Days," "A Little Lie," "Deeper and Deeper," "Love Will Leave," "Down," "Miracles," "Tomorrow" and "Kingdom." (from dmcom)

David Gahan at MusiCares 2007 in Los Angeles

Dave Gahan really enjoyed performing live with all his friends and great musicians - Victor Indrizzo, Martyn LeNoble, John Frusciante, Josh Klinghoffer and Vincent Jones at the Third Annual MusiCares MAP Fund(SM) Benefit Concert. They played only two songs: Policy Of Truth and Personal Jesus both classical DM songs. But they definitely ROCKED LA on May 11th!

see pictures from this event >>>

Dave Gahan Victor Indrizzo
Victor Indrizzo who was a Musical Director for The Paper Monster
Tour of Dave Gahan and performed shows together with other
great musicians of Dave’s PM band: Knox Chandler, Martyn LeNoble and
Vince Jonce gave an exclusive interview to Home (DM website) team!
You can read it here

Dave Gahan 2003 photo by Kudryavcev Paper Monsters

Dave Gahan's interview on MTV Russia
(Paper Monsters tour 2003) is here.
And a transcript from Russian you can read here.

Gnarls Barkley Summer 2006
Victor Indrizzo has got a miraculous drum stick! And every thing it touches turns to gold!
Every musical project, every musician Victor collaborates with becomes successful!
And this summer Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" reached top of most musical charts in various countries!

(Click on image to enlarge)

Dave Gahan 2006   Playing the Angel

During an interview for a footage for remastered albums, 2006, Dave was filmed at his home in New York.
And one his favorite photographs shot of course by Anton Corbijn during
Dave's solo Paper Monsters world tour 2003 – a PM touring band - is hanging on a wall.
(Click on image to enlarge.)

Martyn Le Noble live Paper Monsters

To know about new Martyn Le Noble collaborations, listen to his new songs
and be his friend... You can do it just visiting Martyn's page on myscace.com >>>

Victor Indrizzo  live Paper Monsters

A lot of video snippets where you can watch Victor Indrizzo
performing live are available on Youtube.com now! Click and enjoy >>>!

40 Years Old Virgin capture

One of nominees for The best movie is 40 Years Old Virgin
Victor Indrizzo played on a soundtrack for that movie. >>>
MTV Movie Awards 2005 that will take place on June 3rd 2006 in LA

Dave's "Dirty Sticky Floors" still charted in "Top10 sexy" videos on Russian Muz.TV
(February 2006)

NEWS 2005

Dave Gahan

Playing The Angel

Updated: 14 January 2005

Dave Gahan on a broadcasting station

His favourite songs

Updated: 09 December 2004

John Lennon

The Stars Will Burn Forever

Updated: 30 November 2004

Dave Gahan

One year after PM Time

Updated: 23 November 2004

Victor Indrizzo

Drumming non stop!

Updated: 20 November 2004


Passion, Dance and Talking Hands

Updated: 06 Oktober 2004

King David

The Return of The King

Updated: 05 Oktober 2004

Dave signing autographs, New York - March 1st 2004

Message on the table

Updated: 29 August 2004

Dave Gahan "STAY" in Katowice Poland

Once Upon A Time In The East

Updated: 13 August 2004

Dave Gahan live in Toronto 2003

The winner is...Dave Gahan! Have you read about it?

Updated: 31 July 2004

Family: Victor Indrizzo, Knox Chandler, Martyn LeNoble, Vincent Jonce

Updated: July 2004

Dave at dining room

What does eat David?

Updated: June 2004
Moscow Night - the June 18th 2003:

Moscow Star 2003

new scans of Moscow live pix

"The Lord of the Ring" and... "The Return of the King"

Updated: May 2004

HOLD ON in Blind Horizon movie

Performing Heroes, the David (the more famous namesake at that time) Bowie number, Dave was noticed by members of Composition of Sound That was in the beginning of the long story in early 1980s .

And to date Dave Gahan himself grew musically into a matured artist like his musical Guru David Bowie- whose(DB) musical works are in constant requisition by famous moviemakers: David Lynch Lost Highwayetc

Updated: April 2004

Dave's shopping - exclusive photograph: St.-Petersburg, Russia, the June 17th 2003.

Dave Gahan and DVD

Press conference in Kiev, Ukraine, - June 2003 (MP3 audio)

Updated: January-February 2004

The very special event: : VICTOR INDRIZZO himself posted words of thanks from the BAND on the official DM forum! He said he was really moved by our response on the Paper Monsters Tour.


And the very exciting moment was when VICTOR himself answered my question (me aka Glitter) and wished me happy birth day! That was the very special, truly moving gift to my b-day! Thanks a lot, DEAREST VICTOR!

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