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“The third arrival”

The Third DAVID’s Arrival to St-Petersburg, Russia...
June the 17th, 2003.

A cold north wind blew heavy rainy clouds in the sky. But at 5.45 PM exactly when David come out from his white splendid bus, the
sky cleared up at once; He smiled friendly waving his hand to fans which were so awaiting Him and then going into the hall He stopped for a while, turned back and waved his hand once more. And from
that moment the Sun shined so bright eternally!
In a few minutes the press conference began. I prepared so much (about 20) questions that I was longing to ask David. But because of a time-limit I was compelled to ask only a part of my first question and made a small comment during the answering (my participation is marked by white color in the transcription of audio version of the press conference)
“In the Beginning God Created…” Just those initial words come to mind when I see David’s performance today. Because the God said creating a man: “they will be like us” – that means “divine man”, “creating man” – and David creates every moment of His life! It’s striking but His lyrical ballads He performs super dynamically, super powerful! Today’s David – is absolute Motion itself. He is the huge waves of a stormy ocean in outside but this ocean has Universal’s tranquil in his depth (I mean peace of mind).
Concluding His tour set performance (during the last encore) David leads and seats His musicians as if it was a performance of Japanese Imperial music called Gagaku and then makes truly Imperial gift to all grateful St-Petersburg’s audience – sings fresh Jazzy mix of DM stuff! And then he concludes the astonishing show with “Just Can’t Get Enough” as it used to be in old good times!
After the concert David with His great new band moved by bus from St-Petersburg to Moscow. In the same time I went by train to Moscow too. And once more I was astonished by His unbelievable
power from the very first moment of His performance on the Moscow show. Magically performing, playing his bluesy harmonica, Dave came over to that kinda ”out of all bounds” point, where there are no words at all; and He forgot the words... As the ancient wise man Zhuan-zi said:” Words are used to express a sense. When the sense is comprehended the words are forgot.” After His coming back from those “out of all bounds” spheres He remembered not only English words but even Russian! Many times He screamed:

“SPASIBO” ----------- “THANK YOU!”
“YA VAS LYUBLYU” ----------- “I LOVE YOU!”
“SILNEYE” ----------- “LOUDER!”

And His drummer Victor during all the show was screaming in Russian:

David was a bit late to the press conference before the Moscow
concert because of a traffic jam. He was “tormented” by journalist’s questions immediately after the storm He made on the stage.

In God we Trust
God is a Creator
David is His Son
(and our own Personal Jesus)
In David we Trust
“Reach out and touch faith!”

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